Bravo, Oleg! — Russian tank officer destroyed ISIS suicide vehicle in a battle near Palmyra (VIDEO 18+)

Syrian army guided by Russian military advisors and aided by Russian Air Force continues deblocking Deir ez-Zor advancing to the city from desert in Palmyra area. 

Tanks of the 5th Army Corps trained by Russia are at the helm, they face the enemy in desert areas of Homs and Deir ez-Zor every day. 

ISIS* heads threw their tanks and suicide bombers recently trying to slow down SAA advance. 

One of the battles was caught on camera. Some veryattentive viewers have noticed one detail:

After the 10th second we see tank shooting, then suicide vehicale explosion, then the Syrian soldier shouts: «Bravo, Оleg! Bravo, Оleg

As we know, military advisors are the officers who teach and train servicemen of the allied armed forces, but they also correct their actions during real warfare, helping to reinforce the skills.

It appears that the camera caught just the case.

It is known that SAA 5th Army Corps has managed to destroy 2 suicide vehicaled loaded with explosives and near 50 terrorists. 

This week was marked for SAA by regaining control over territories previously occupied by the islamists near T-2 airbase. Other units of SAA along with Lebanese «Hezbollah» breached defenses of ISIS near Araq gas fields.

Supported by Russian AF the Syrians and the Lebanese broke into hostile territory destroying terrorists. 

Footage made by SAR Ministry of Defence shows air support by Russian strike helicopters Mi-35 and Syrian Mi-25.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation