Breaking news: Intelligence launched a new strategy of purge of Syria from enemies (PHOTOS)

Intelligence launches new strategy to clean up Syria.

As part of a new campaign against international terrorism, the military intelligence of the Syrian Arab Republic recently announced on the Internet that it is ready to pay a $ 100 to $ 300 reward to people who provided data on the location of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham* objects.

«Information can include photographs, coordinates, screens from a map with a detailed description of objects. The militants who will cooperate with the Syrian Arab Army will be given the opportunity to settle their status and return to peaceful life,» Mukhabarat said in a statement.

So, now the members of the Turkish-backed groups began to send the coordinates of the positions of the Idlib terrorists for money. You can see the first objects declassified by militants and confirmed by aerial reconnaissance.

1. UAV plant, which produces up to 10 drones per day, in the area of the Kafer-Khaya village.

2. The control center of militants near Foya village.

* A terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.