Breaking news: large forces of mercenaries are transferred to the war with Armenia (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Despite the constant official statements by Baku that only Azerbaijani military participates in clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, there are more and more reports about the transfer of Syrian mercenaries by Turkey to the conflict zone on the Internet.

Thus, the head of the Libyan National Army’s Office of Morale Maintenance Khaled Mahjub reported that during few hours, four planes with mercenaries from Syria have been seen flying from Libyan territory. Presumably, up to 500 Turkish mercenaries were airlifted to take part in the Armenian-Azerbaijani border conflict on the side of Baku.

At the same time, Syrian news agencies reported that another group of Turkish mercenaries was transferred to Azerbaijan through Turkish territory. It is noted that this group of mercenaries arrived in Turkey a few days ago from occupied Afrin with a further route to Azerbaijan.

Another group of militants is preparing for transfer. Three days earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported about transferring more than 300 ethnic Turkomans (people related to Azerbaijanis and Turks) from Afrin by Turkey. These people are members of the Firkat Sultan Murad (Sultan Murad Division) group.

Armenian Ambassador to Russia Vardan Toghonyan said yesterday about the possible participation of militants from this and other formations in the offensive on the Armenians’ positions in Karabakh. 

On September 28, the Rudaw TV channel from Iraqi Kurdistan published an interview with General Ziyad Haji Ubeid, who had gone over to the side of the Syrian opposition. He confirmed the recruitment of Turkish-controlled Syrian National Army militants for transferring to Azerbaijan.