Damascus neighborhoods in ruins: «How many USA paid the terrorists?»

Driving up to some districts of Damascus suburb, one wonders: «How much did Americans pay the terrorists?» Against the backdrop of amazing landscapes, it does not immediately realize that you see the ruins of the once flourishing and richest district of the capital.

And the fact that restoration work is going on inside there, trade is reviving, people are repairing their apartments; the fact that they live there at all seems fantastic.

One of these areas is Hammuria in Eastern Ghouta.

It was here that the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties, with the support of the military police, carried out the delivery of humanitarian aid.

On June 23, the acutely needy residents of the area turned by the war into practically uninhabitable ruins were given 346 food sets with a total weight of about 1.51 tons. These kits included rice, canned food, sugar and flour. In addition to food aid, a mobile medical center was deployed, where Russian military doctors were receiving patients.

And if any of the Western journalists who love to write about «freedom fighters», really want to see a real example of perseverance, let them come here and look into the eyes of any of the locals.