Families of Syrian militants who disappeared in Karabakh turned to Erdogan

The families of recruited Syrian mercenaries from the Amashat gang from the Suleiman Shah Division sent an appeal to the Arab media to Erdogan and other Turkish leaders responsible for the occupation of the SAR.

They ask to force the leader Abu Amash to reveal the fate of their missing relatives sent to Karabakh.

Message to Erdogan and others…

«We are a group of displaced Syrian families from all regions of the SAR to camps in the north with poor living conditions. We left our cities because of cruelty and oppression, but Abu Amasha took advantage of our poverty and plight by recruiting our children and, without conducting military training, sent them to fight in Azerbaijan in terrible conditions.

Communication with them was cut off, and Abu Amasha has refused to provide information about their fate for more than a month. »

We hope that our appeal will reach Mr. Erdogan and all Turkish officials and they will put pressure on the so-called Abu Amasha… »