New thuggish islamist group from Central Asia (PHOTOS)

We are keeping an eye on foreign militants’ groups participating in Syrian armed conflict on the side of terror groups. They always were the case of special interest to us. As a rule these groups consist of especialy thuggish «wunderkinds».

At some point one of those groups appeared in Jisr Ash-Shugur. It mostly consisted of the Tadzhik, the Uzbeks and the Azerbaidjanians — between 50 and 75 militants. They were previously listed as member of «Imam Al-Bukhari battallion». But then their leader Abu Mariam Al-Tajiki decided to pledge allegiance to «Al-Qaeda» and established his own group.

Today it is known as «Katibat Al-Harsa» subordinated to «Wardens of religion» — terror group «Hurras Ad-Din», which is an official branch of «Al-Qaeda» in Syria.

Until now that group didn’t stantd out a lot but at the present moment due to new round of active combat actions in Idlib and Hama provinces we get a chance to know much more about these guys.