Syrian Air Forces launch third bombing raid on Turkish, 'FSA' camp

On November 26th, Syrian air forces bombed Turkish troops and FSA militants in the Aleppo province for the third time. The Kurds, Turks, and famous “Syrian opposition” activists have simultaneously reported this.

“In Syria, bombs fell on armored vehicles and a military camp where FSA groups and the Turkish army were based. Three strikes have led to the death of 40 soldiers,” Turkish journalists from the Ahmed Haber agency have reported.

Ahmed Hani, an activist from the Kurdish self-defense forces, writes: “URGENT: Assad’s military planes have attacked a Turkish military camp in the village of Azraq.

Casualties have been reported. A Turkish tank is on fire.” He added: “There was an attack yesterday as well. Today, Russian and Assad’s planes also bombed a military base of FSA groups in Azraq.”

Turkish inSpeak™ reported: “Syrian fighter jets bombed a military camp and an armored personnel carrier of the FSA. There are many killed and wounded, news is incoming from the scene.”

“N. Aleppo: Regime made three airstrikes on FSA in the Al Azraq area,” the famous “moderate opposition” activist Christian Turner confirmed.

The official Twitter profile of Syrian Turkoman militants has confirmed that an airstrike has hit the positions of pro-Turkish forces.

“Near positions with armored vehicles of the Turkish army and FSA, once again an airstrike was launched, a tank was damaged, and there our victims among our guys,” the propagandists of Turkoman formations report.

The opposition agency Aleppo 24 has also confirmed the news. This is already the third airstrike in two days launched by Syrian military aircraft on Erdogan’s forces, who are carrying out the illegal Euphrates Shield operation on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Translated by J. Arnoldski, originally published at RusVesna