The militants are preparing another provocation with the use of drones

On the Northern outskirts of the city of Maarret Annooman, Idleb province is a detachment of the group «Jabhat al-Nusra»*, consisting of specialists in the Assembly and management of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The armed group consists of about 50 attack drones, most of them homemade. Such aircraft, equipped with ammunition, are used by militants to bomb particularly important objects of government troops.

They were repeatedly used for attacks on the Russian airbase «Hmeymim». 

At its base, the terrorists collect drones, as well as produce their repair. The efficiency of drones is not high. Most of the planes successfully destroyed by anti-aircraft still on approach to the target. However, their massive use by terrorists can be dangerous. In this case, some aircraft manage to break through to the target and strike. 

The fact that the placement of this «plane» of the gang of terrorists dedicated considerable territory fenced with a high fence, speaks about the importance of running its task. At the same time, the concentration of such a large number of drones in one place directly indicates the militants ‘ preparations for another provocation using drones.

* Forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization.