The West, "Al-Qaeda" and "White helmets" are up to a new strike on Russia in Idlib, — Ministry of Defence

The notorious “White Helmets” “humanitarian” organization is up to a new anti-Russian staged fake in Syrian Idlib – nothing new is expected this time as well, we are still talking about chemical attacks and air strikes imitation. The details were reported in the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation.

“Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” terrorists (former Jabhat al-Nusra*, Syrian al-Qaeda*) are helping “White Helmets”.

They are going to shoot staged videos of chemical attack and air strikes consequences in Idlib area – small town of Sarmada 30 km to north-east. Vehicles loaded with video equipment, chemicals and fragments of Russian and Soviet ammunition arrived at the site of the alleged shooting in the begining of November. 

Terrorists select local residents to shoot the scenes.

“Information about militants from the squadron of field commander Abu Malek, a member of the group “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham,” together with the organization “White Helmets,” preparing a provocation in communities in the Idlib deescalation zone with the staging of air strikes and the use of chemical weapons was confirmed via several channels,” the military department said in an official statement. 

The filmed videos, as before, are going to be posted on social networks, after that they will be “suddenly” noticed by the world’s leading TV channels and shown in their news broadcasts, with several human rights activists speaking on the subject on TV, while the blame for the non-existent attacks will be laid on Russia and official Damascus.

* terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation