US coalition dropped strange threatening leaflets over Raqqa addressed to noone (PHOTO)

US coalition palnes dropped very strabge leaflets over Raqqa. They contain therats but it’s not completely clear whom they are addressed to. 

It reads on the front: How to leave. Keep this leaflet secret and use it to get safe.

Tell noone that you are going to leave. Approach Syria Self-Defemce Forces on Salsa road, carry no arms with you. Wave white ribbon if you can as a sign of your intention to surrender. 

You’ ll be treated decently and with respect. This is your last chance. Delay will lead you to death. Raqqa will fall, there is no time left.

The rear side reads: Secure way out. Bearer of this leaflet provides it as an appeal to get shelter from Syrian self-defence forces. Bearer of this leaflet should be unarmed for his own safety, he should be treated respectfully and provided with food, water and medical assistance  if needed. This person should be taken out of dangerous area as soon as possible. 

As reported by the Western and oppositional Syrian media these leaflets were dropped from US coalition planes over Raqqa on May 28. Pay attention that they are not signed. It means that they are basically just pieces of paer. The one who comes to «Syrian Self-Defence Forces» checkpoint with this paper could be shot down or get «fed and helped» at some some local prison. Moreover — nothing is said about whom they are addressed to: civilians or ISIS militants.

So the trat «leave or die» is addressed to everyone which is basically true as dozens of Raqqa civilians die under US coalition airstrikes daily. The anonimity distinguishes these leaflets from those dropped by Syrian Air Forces. There is always a signature of «Syrian Arab Army andarmed forces central command» and there is always said whether it is intended for the militants or civilian population. 

Still Samantha Power was bold enough to show Syrian leaflets in UN Security Council which encouraged the civilians to use humanitarian corridors from East Aleppo. 

She claimed that these had been dropped by the Russian warplanes and played it off as a threat carried by Russian and Syrian AF for civilian population in East Aleppo. Where’s Samantha Power now? Why doesn’t Nikki Haley appeal to conscience of her nation’s aviation? But then again – whom must she appeal id the leaflets are anonymous? 

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.