Western propaganda epic fail: family of the boy appointed to be «Syrian war symbol» supported Assad (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Family of 3 y.o. Omran whose photo went viral in 2016 and who was called Syrian war symbol satyed in liberated Aleppo because they support president Assad. 

As you may remember August 17, 2016 a photo of a bleeding shocked boy sitting in an ambulance car was shown by almost every TV channel of the world. The boy was appoibted to be «a victim of Assad;s regime» whoruined boy’s house. 

Parents of Omran Daqneesh, his brother and sister live in Aleppo. It has transpired that they stayed on the government-controlled territory and refused to be evacuated to the rebel to Turkey. That family has been refusing to meet reporters and journalists for a year. 

The kid who became a star due to West’s lying propaganda and his father appeared on Syrian TV, the father was interviewed by Kinana Allush. 

As said by Omran’s father, the  boy and his blood had been used by the media for the sake of hyped-up story and for sale. 

He underlined that the biased journalists wanted «to sell his son’s suffering» and use the boy to attack Assad and the official Damascus.

As reported by «Russian Spring», the photo of Omran Daqneesh saved from the rubbles went viral and was published by each and every edition in August 2016.

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Western and anti-Syrian Arab media immediatele blaimed Russia and Syros for bombing s house where Omran’s familly had lived. Moscow and Damascus denied the accusations.

Famous Syrian journalists Hossein Mortada has written about Omran’s family being loyal to Syrian state and the government. 

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